This Website is still under construction. Hopefully it will be functional by March 15, 2021.

we’d previously been saying Feb. 1, but like all projects, there are always lots of excuses. sorry.

Thanks lots.

Unfamiliar with Diagnosis 123?

How Clinicians diagnose the cause of specific

This website intends to serve several possible purposes:

Familiarize readers with the thought process behind medical diagnosis, helping you understand what is going through the mind of your Clinician.

Help readers express themselves better when describing their illness to whoever is trying to figure out its cause

Encourage readers to begin discussions with their Clinicians, raising possible questions in their minds about what might / might not be the way to proceed

It is NOT: a do-it-yourself tool to diagnose yourself or anyone else (see Disclaimer). Some websites attempt to make a diagnosis by having you click answers to a series of questions, but they often fall short (without you realizing it!). So instead, here we lay out the logic we clinicians use in sorting through decision-making.

You may not come up with a magic answer (just as we may not). But you’ll be able to sort through enough possibilities, quickly & easily enough, to form a solid idea. That’s a valuable starting point.

Diagnosis is always the key. Once we know what’s wrong, we can decide what treatment will or might help. We’ll know how the disease evolves and plays out. Never ask for medication without knowing what you’ve got.