If you happen to be reading this Website because you, or someone in your presence, are actually experiencing what may be a life-threatening or otherwise serious condition, please hang up stop reading and Call 911 (click link for advice on how to call)  [other countries have their own emergency numbers; 911 is for the U.S.].

The content of this Website is for general educational and informational purposes only and is not intended for individual diagnosis and treatment. ย It is no substitute for an appropriately trained and licensed healthcare professional.ย  It does not constitute medical advice, and should not be used for making health-related decisions that substitute for, or supersede, consultation with a professional medical provider.ย  Any hyperlinks provided are solely for convenience.ย  In the few cases that medications are mentioned, they should not be taken unless lawfully prescribed (not borrowed from a friend); or, if purchased over the counter, having reviewed all packaging and accompanying information.ย 

See Introduction to Diagnosis123 for discussion of the purpose of our website, which hopefully will prove both informative and even enjoyable.

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