Shortness of Breath (SOB)

NOTE — Don’t get thrown by the abbreviation “SOB.” It’s universally standard in medical charting (likely one reason we don’t want patients to read their charts on their own). Select from below: Life-Threatening SOB (we always do a rapid assessment) Acute SOB (lasting 1 – 2 weeks, maybe 3 – 4 weeks at the most)Continue reading “Shortness of Breath (SOB)”

Joint Pain — Arthritis

Arthritis is when joints are painful, red, hot, swollen. Arthralgia means that joints simply hurt. The same diseases can cause both. But often “joint” pains may not involve joints at all, but be due to tendons, ligaments, bursa, bones, or muscles. That’s a different topic (Musculoskeletal Conditions). Some diseases affect many joints, usually small onesContinue reading “Joint Pain — Arthritis”


Cough is always due to a Respiratory Tract condition, somewhere between the nose & depths of the lung. We divide it into โ€œUpperโ€ and โ€œLowerโ€ Respiratory Tracts: โ€ข Upper Tract: nose, sinuses, throat, & trachea (windpipe) โ€ข Lower Tract: lungs โ€ข See Diagrams — Upper and Lower Respiratory Systems For the clinician’s approach to diagnosingContinue reading “Cough”

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