Syphilis — Pictures

The following are pictures of some common manifestations of the first two stages of Syphilis: Primary:ย  begins 2-10 weeks after becoming infected, lasts 4-8 weeks Secondary: begins 2-4 months after becoming infected, lasts 1-2 years See also Syphilis, and Syphilis Blood Tests Primary Syphilis The Chancre: a painless ulcer with heaped-up edge at point ofContinue reading “Syphilis — Pictures”


An aura is a funny feeling that something is about to happen.ย  With Migraines, it occurs just before or right at the start of the headache; it can last 5-10 minutes (there ae odd case reports of really long ones).ย  With Epileptic Seizures, the aura occurs just before the seizure, and is much shorter. MigraineContinue reading “Auras”

Electroencephalogram (EEG)

The EEG is a machine to measure brain waves.ย  Itโ€™s mainly used to diagnose if somebody has had seizures (Epilepsy), and what kind of seizures they might be.ย  Itโ€™s not at all uncomfortable. Sticky electrodes are placed on a personโ€™s head, and a tracing is recorded (done with needles in the old days, but noContinue reading “Electroencephalogram (EEG)”

“Vowel TIPS” (mnemonic for Coma, etc.)

This is a mnemonic for diagnosing the different causes of acute coma, seizure, or confusion (a.k.a. Altered Mental Status). It’s useful when caring for patients in an E.R. setting.ย  The mnemonic stands for A โ€“ E โ€“ I โ€“ O โ€“ U โ€“ T โ€“ I โ€“ P โ€“ S (the 5 Vowels, plus TIPS).Continue reading ““Vowel TIPS” (mnemonic for Coma, etc.)”


Inflammation means activation of the bodyโ€™s immune system.ย  It does not mean โ€œswelling;โ€ thereโ€™s always some kind of inflammation involved when a part of the body swells, but many kinds of inflammation donโ€™t involve any.ย  The word is commonly misunderstood. Inflammation is natureโ€™s way of fighting germs and foreign substances that enter the body.ย  WhiteContinue reading “Inflammation”


Atherosclerosis, literally hard (-sclerosis) arteries (athero-), is responsible for heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, and many other diseases of old (or older) age.  It’s due to unwanted plaques made of fats, blood clots, calcifications, and damaged tissue of the walls of arteries, causing the blood vessels to clog or rupture.  Causes include combinations of: SmokingContinue reading “Atherosclerosis”

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