Memory Loss — Full Text

Everyone is afraid of getting Alzheimer’s Disease.  So it’s common for some people, especially as they age, to worry if they think they have memory problems.  Most are fine.  Basically, we try to distinguish among the following: No true memory problems Memory problems due to a medical condition Mild memory loss (called Mild Cognitive ImpairmentContinue reading “Memory Loss — Full Text”

HIV-Related Dementia

HIV-related Dementia (also known by several synonyms) usually occurs with advanced AIDS, though occasionally in earlier HIV disease if there’s a lot of virus in the blood (a very high viral load).ย  The condition is not really like Alzheimer’s, because memory loss isn’t so bad compared to the extreme slowness of thought, speech, and movements.ย Continue reading “HIV-Related Dementia”

Memory Loss — Unethical Anecdote

A 30-year-old Spanish-speaking woman complained of forgetting things.  She was a single mom working 2 jobs, and we counted out that she never slept over 4 hours a night.  Diagnosis made (in a few-minute visit) — Sleep Deprivation as cause of memory loss.  Then she explainedโ€ฆ A radio announcement “do you or your loved onesContinue reading “Memory Loss — Unethical Anecdote”

Memory Loss — Missed Diagnosis

An 87-year-old Mexican man, with advanced dementia who was sometimes combative (threw forks at home), diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease for over 20 years, was brought in by his son as a new patient.  Apparently other family out-of-state got worn out, arrived unannounced to hand him off, and promptly fled.  Medical records were impossible to comeContinue reading “Memory Loss — Missed Diagnosis”

Memory Questionnaire

This is intended to be used with family or friends of a patient who is being evaluated for memory loss. It’s a brief, eight-item questionnaire (“AD8”) which has been studied and appears to help detect dementia. Informants are asked whether the patient has exhibited any increase in the following deficits or behaviors (not just occurringContinue reading “Memory Questionnaire”

Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) means memory or similar problems that are not severe enough to be called Dementia.  For example, a person may have some memory loss as documented on memory testing, but functions well in life.  Or someone may have behavior changes, like depression, irritability, anxiety, even strange thoughts or delusions, but memory testingContinue reading “Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)”

Nausea / Vomiting — Full Text

This is one of the trickiest symptoms for us clinicians to deal with.  Whereas prominent diarrhea invariably comes from the bowel, nausea / vomiting can be caused by conditions anywhere in the body.  For example, try this for a smattering of possibilities (in random order): Simple stomach infection Brain Infections / Increased Intracranial Pressure (lethal)Continue reading “Nausea / Vomiting — Full Text”