Lymphoma is essentially a cancer of Lymphocytes, a type of White Blood Cell (WBC).ย  Leukemia is also a cancer of WBCs, sometimes involving lymphocytes, which begins while the cells are still immature, newly made in the bone marrow.ย  Lymphomas usually begin once cells have matured and left the marrow. Since lots of lymphocytes reside inContinue reading “Lymphoma”


An aura is a funny feeling that something is about to happen.ย  With Migraines, it occurs just before or right at the start of the headache; it can last 5-10 minutes (there ae odd case reports of really long ones).ย  With Epileptic Seizures, the aura occurs just before the seizure, and is much shorter. MigraineContinue reading “Auras”

Passing Out — Full Text

What do we when a patient comes to us saying they โ€œpassed out,โ€ usually sometime recently.  Today they look perfectly well, act completely normally.  We perform a good physical exam, focusing on the heart and the neurologic system (for the brain), but if theyโ€™re fine today, everything is invariably normal. Our diagnosis will be madeContinue reading “Passing Out — Full Text”

Transient Global Amnesia

Transient Global Amnesia (TGA) is a relatively newly-recognized condition, first identified in 1956.ย  It only occurs among people over 50 years-old, usually older.ย  For reasons not at all understood, a person loses their ability to form new memories.ย  They know their name and who they are, but donโ€™t know how they got to wherever theyContinue reading “Transient Global Amnesia”

Conversion Reaction

A Conversion Reaction is a sudden onset of symptoms which serve to escape an unbearable situation.ย  The person is not at all โ€œfaking it;โ€ they have no conscious control of what they feel or do.ย  Itโ€™s different from โ€œFactitious Disorder,โ€ like Munchausenโ€™s Syndrome, when patients consciously manufacture illness to gain attention or sympathy.ย  Itโ€™s alsoContinue reading “Conversion Reaction”

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