An aura is a funny feeling that something is about to happen.ย  With Migraines, it occurs just before or right at the start of the headache; it can last 5-10 minutes (there ae odd case reports of really long ones).ย  With Epileptic Seizures, the aura occurs just before the seizure, and is much shorter.

Migraine auras tend to be strange lights or visual sensations, maybe numbness or tingling, less commonly word-jumbling, or involuntary movements.  If a person with migraines has medications to stop the headache abruptly, itโ€™s ideal to take them at the time of aura.

Seizure auras can be much more variable; below is a (long) list of possibilities:

Lip smacking / Chewing
Teeth clenching / grinding
Tongue biting
Uttering sounds / Slurred Speech
Twitching / Shaking
Drooling / Swallowing
Breathing difficulty
Eyelid fluttering
Foot stomping / Hand waving
Inability to move / Staring / Stiffening
Walking, Running Undressing

……….Bodily Functions
Skin color changes
Urge to urinate or defecate
Racing heart / Palpitations
Electric shocks
Sound distortion
Visual distortion / loss / blurring
Spacial perception distortions
Dizzy / Lightheaded / Spinning

Altered perception of body size / weight
Deja-vu / Jamais vu
Psychic experience
Racing thoughts
Memory loss
One side of body different than other
Out-of-body experience
Spacing out
Time perception distortion


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