Scleritis is very rare (I’ve never seen a case)!ย  The sclera is the white, leathery shell that keeps the eyeball together (see Diagram —ย  Anatomy of the Eye).ย  It can get inflamed; half the time it’s due to diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, half it’s “idiopathic” (“nobody knows why”).ย  Scleritis can destroy the eye.

Symptoms are mainly a deep, digging pain, that’s worse with eye movements.ย  At first glance, the eye looks red because the conjunctiva are inflamed; but on closer inspection, we may see the normally-white color of the sclera has turned a subtle dusky purplish.ย  Treatment requires anti-inflammatory medications.ย  Anybody with bad eye pain needs to see an ophthalmologist ASAP.

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