Nasal Congestion — Funny Anecdote (Spanish)

A Mexican patient dropped in 1 week after extensive surgery for nasal polyps.ย  He was doing well, didnโ€™t need pain medicine anymore, but was still using stool softener and wanted more.ย  It had been prescribed for “constipaciรณn”.ย  But in Mexico & Central America, maybe elsewhere, “constipaciรณn” often means โ€œnasal congestionโ€ (e.g. โ€œestoy muy constipadoโ€).ย  Their word for our โ€œconstipationโ€ (a common side effect of narcotic pain medication, the original intention of the drug) is “estreรฑimiento” (โ€œestoy estreรฑidoโ€).

Stool softener for the nose?!?!

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