Testicular Diseases

Diseases of the Testicle always hurt in the testicle itself.  However, the pain can radiate to the abdomen, especially if the pain is severe.  A such, a man with severe lower abdominal pain should have his testicles examined as well.  These diseases include:

  • Testicular Torsion, a twisted testicle which can cut off its blood supply, requiring immediate surgery to save it.
  • Orchitis, an infection with the same germs that cause male Urinary Tract Infections (STDs; or bacteria from the bowel), requires immediate antibiotics to save the testicle
  • Epididymitis, infection of the epididymis (which lies on the upper back of the testicle), usually caused by STD bacteria but others are possible
  • Indirect Hernia, not a testicular disease, but is found in the scrotum when bowel protrudes down into it

Testicular cancer doesnโ€™t hurt.ย  It just causes a lump, that grows.ย  It can be fatal, but is easily treated if found in time.

In my clinical experience, many men have testicular pains that come and go, on and off.ย  Itโ€™s impossible to know for sure what they are, but they certainly are never dangerous.ย  I think theyโ€™re likely due to a simple Strain of the cremasteric muscle, which serves to lift the testicle.

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