Breast Diseases

Diseases of the breast may cause pain that’s described as “chest pain.”ย  It’s usually easy for patients to tell the difference if they’re asked.ย  Breast pains are also usually tender to touch.ย  The most common cause are simple cysts; “mastitis” means breast infection (the skin is usually red & hot).ย  Breast cancer doesn’t tend to hurt until end-stage.

Men may develop a condition called “Gynecomastia,” which in Greek means “breasts like a woman’s.” It’s common among adolescents and usually fades away, but sometimes doesn’t, and can feel uncomfortable. It’s easy to see by simply looking at the breasts. Gynecomastia on just one side is possible, but if this occurs when the man is older (30’s or above), he should get a mammogram, because 1% of breast cancer occurs in men.

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