When we think of Diarrhea, we usually think of at least 4 watery stools per day. Some people are a little obsessive about their bowel movements, think that they always have to be well-formed, and get shaken if stools become loose. One or two loose stools a day can happen to anyone, and does not constitute disease.

Also, if there’s a watery stool, and another one within 5 minutes, that’s just because the rectum hadn’t quite finished. It only counts as one episode.

For the clinicianโ€™s condensed thought-process when face-to-face with a patient, select below. Those summaries will have links to more in-depth texts on the topic.

Acute Diarrhea (going on under 2-3 weeks)

Chronic Diarrhea (lasting 3-4 weeks and more)

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